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USCTF 2021 Medical Taiji Trainer’s Certificate Course (July 31-August 1, 2021)

If you are interested in teaching Taiji, a certified trainer’s course is available through a collaboration with the US Collegiate Taiji Federation and the University of East-West Medicine. SIfu Bryant Fong will be teaching a section on Sunday, August 1, and the full certificate requires participation on both days. To register, visit collegetaiji.org.

2019 Tiger Claw Photos and News

The 2019 Tiger Claw Championships were held on May 18 and 19, 2019 at the San Jose Convention Center. Congratulations and thanks to all competitors, judges, and volunteers for the event, and to Mason Tong for winning two golds!


Tiger Claw Judges and VIP Reception
Sifu Liang Keiming and Mason Tong
Coach Wu Bin, Sifu Bryant Fong, and Yang Taiji Grandmaster Fu Qing Quan (his grandfather was good friends with Baguazhang forebear Fu Zhen Song).
Grandmaster Fu Qing Quan, demonstrating Yang Taiji Saber
Sifu Bryant Fong and judges
2019 Tiger Claw judges
2019 Tiger Claw Grand Champion winners
Mason Tong wins two gold medals for Miao Dao and Sun Taiji !