Steve Colegrove

Steve Colegrove has been involved in martial arts since 1991. At Miami University that year he joined the Tai Chi / Kung Fu Club and began practicing Lee’s Modified Yang style Taiqiquan. Over the course of the next three years, he also studied Tian Shan Pai, Wing Chun, and Hong Gar. During his senior year, he was the vice-president of the club, and studied under Master Eric Knight.

In 1995, on the recommendation of Keoni Everington, Steve traveled to Beijing and taught English at RenMin DaXue (The People’s University). During his short stay there, Steve studied Taiji 32 sword and Shuang Dao (Double Broadsword). He also learned Chen style Taijiquan from Master Zhang Weiyi.

Currently Steve is in the San Francisco area and is studying Baguazhang under Sifu Bryant Fong.