Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct for Wushu and Taiji Classes

Respect each other, help each other, and support each other.
Please salute when you enter and leave the gym.
Bring your belt to every class.
Please turn off your cell phones during class.
Talking should be kept to a minimum, so that everyone can hear instruction.
Please clean up at the end of each class, do not leave your belongings behind.
Please pay attention to your belongings. Do not leave your valuables unattended.
No making fun of your classmates, instead try to give them positive critique.
Wushu is a team sport, so it’s important that you help your classmates get better too.
Please don’t sit around during basics, try to warm up and stretch before practice begins.
Try to be prompt.
When practicing in class, be aware of your classmates. Safety is very important.
Bring and wear all necessary braces to class.
We practice Wushu to improve our health, develop martial arts skills, and learn to be compassionate and help those who are weak or in need of help. To be good at Wushu you need to be humble and persevere. And to not be proud or arrogant, to respect those who are older and came before you. You are part of a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Your purpose is not just to represent your team but to represent this tradition and carry on its legacy.