Sui Yunjiang

Shifu Yunjiang Sui

suiyunjiang_writing2Master Sui is a highly skilled master residing in Beijing, China. He is a fourth generation martial arts descendant of Dong Haichuan, having trained for many years under Li Zi Ming. Master Sui is a member of the Beijing Baguazhang Research Association and Beijing Meihuazhuang Research Association.

Contact information for Shifu Sui in Beijing
Sui Yun Jiang was born in Beijing on November 18, 1945. From an early age he studied martial arts with famous masters including Han suilaoshi3Qi Chang, Li Zi Ming, Wang Zhi Zhong, and Zhao Shi De. His specialties are Baguazhang and Meihuazhuang. The famous third generation Baguazhang master Li Zi Ming once wrote words of praise for him: “Yun Jiang is one of my most outstanding apprentices in the fourth Baguazhang generation.” For many years now, he has taught a great many students from both China and overseas including professional athletes and martial arts enthusiasts from the US, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, and Singapore.

In 1990 he was invited by the Soviet Central Athletics Bureau and Moscow Athletics Bureau to teach martial arts in the Soviet Union (Russian Federation). During his four-year stay in the Soviet Union, he participated in many martial arts conferences (forums), and on suilaoshi1the Soviet Central TV station introduced Chinese traditional culture on the program Chinese Traditional Martial Arts. He was invited by Dr. Ma Liang Wen, a famous Soviet expert on Chinese studies, to participate in a Russian-organized international academic conference. In this conference, he reported on functions of the human body and modern science and was given favorable comments from many international experts. On the Russian International Radio Broadcasting Station he participated in an exchange of Chinese and Russian traditional cultures.

After he returned to China he participated in the Third International Wushu Exchange Tournament in Dalian and was selected as the vice suilaoshi4chairman of the event. He also personally competed in the tournament and won a gold medal and his apprentices won silver and bronze medals. In 1997, the chairman of the Sino-Japanese Martial Arts Alliance, Mr. Zuo Teng Jin Bing Wei, hired him as a consultant for the Japanese Baguazhang Research Association. In that same year, the Japanese Baguazhang Research Association and the Japanese Gai Zhi Company came to Beijing in order to make a video series of Sui Yunjiang’s Baguazhang for distribution in the Japanese market. There have been many articles about him and photographs published in Japan’s Martial King Magazine, as well as periodicals in other nations such as Switzerland.

In recent years, he has been prominently featured in many well-known publications. In 1996, he was published in the China Modern Wushu Masters Dictionary. In 1998 was published in the American Who’s Who Around The World, The Essence of China Encyclopedia, The Essence of Chinese Wushu List, and the Chinese Scientist article, “China Expert Resource Century Treasure.” In early 1999 he was published in the Chinese Expert Name Dictionary and Chinese Figures of the Century. In the fall of 1999, he went to South Korea to teach martial arts. He is currently instructing students again in Beijing.

sui_meihua1Demonstrating Mei Hua Zhang




tomb2_onlineThe tomb of Dong Haichuan, Beijing. Liang Zhenpu and Li Ziming are also buried right next to Master Dong. On the tomb are inscribed the names of outstanding students and descendants including Sui Laoshi. Sui is in light blue, Jikai is to his right, and Keoni Everington is behind them. Kouji Ishida is on the far right, then Pei Jungui.

baishi2_onlineNew students of Shifu Sui. The widow of Liziming is seated, Shifu Sui is wearing light blue, to his right is his top Japanese student Kouji Ishida and next to him is his top Chinese student Jikai. Keoni is third from the right. To his right is Korean student Pei Jungui. January 1996.

sui_students1_onlineGroup photo, new students of Shifu Sui in the courtyard of Li Ziming’s house. Keoni is rear center. January 1996.



sui_students2_onlineShifu Sui with his wife to his left, Kouji Ishida to his right, and Keoni behind him.



sui_4_onlineShifu Sui flanked by Keoni and Kouji with unknown Korean student before practice, March 1996.



sui_3_onlineShifu Sui demonstrating Gaimozhang to Keoni Everington



sui_technique1_onlineKeoni’s Wing Chun Bangsau block ineffective against the strength of Shifu Sui’s Chuanzhang (penetrating palm) attack.



sui_technique2_onlineShifu Sui demonstrating another angle of Chuanzhang to Keoni.

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Master Sui Yunjiang performing Youshen Lianhuanzhang Baguazhang in the film The Dragon Must Sleep 
Master Sui Yunjiang demonstrating Baguazhang applications to Keoni Everington (aka Dragon Eyes) in another scene from The Dragon Must Sleep