Ma Weiqi

Ma Weiqi was another prominent disciple of Dong Haichuan. Nicknamed “Coaler Ma” because he owned a shop in Beijing selling coal and briquettes, he practiced Baguazhang everyday, walking circles around a coal heap.

This coal-heap-walking caught the attention of an itinerant acrobatic entertainer called Hu San who wondered if Ma was in his right mind. When Ma told him he was practicing kung fu, Hu San laughed with scorn and decided to teach Ma the real meaning of kung fu. They decided to have a trial of strength. Hu tried to come to grips with Ma but couldn’t even touch him. Ma simply walked in circles around his opponent, and Hu began to feel dizzy and gradually lost control. Before Hu knew what was happening, Ma had caught hold of Hu’s hands and threw him to the ground some three meters away. Hu San got up, acknowledged defeat and expressed his admiration for Baguazhang.