Fu Zhen Song

fuzhensong_writingMaster Fu was famed for his Tornado Palm or what is now known as Rocket Palm. This technique combined his trademark Iron Palm with a whirlwind-like spinning motion that he adapted from Ba Gua. Any unfortunate assailant who dared cross Fu could expect to receive a blurred flurry of deadly Iron Palms.

Fu Zhensong learned Chen style Taijiquan before meeting Sun Lu Tang. The pair became sworn brothers and exchanged techniques––this is why the study of Fu style BaGua always begins with Sun style Taijiquan. Fu studied with Chia Feng Ming( also known as Chia Chi-san.) a disciple of Dong Hai Chuan, and later went to Beijing to study with Ma Gui, and possibly Cheng Ting Hua, though it is not clear exactly who Fu studied with (probably both men), as Fu style Bagua has elements of both men’s Bagua. Sun Lu Tang was a student of Cheng Ting Hwa. A letter exists from Grandmaster Liang showing that Fu and Sun had became sworn brothers.

Fu Zhen Song was also a student of Ma Gui. Ma GUI, in turn, was Yin Fu’s student. Therefore, Fu Zhensong took part in an important evolutionary stage in Bagua – in being exposed to both Yin Fu (via Sun Lu Tang) and Cheng Tinghua’s styles a convergence occurred. This pattern of convergence and divergence apparently is repeated throughout Bagua history.

fuzhensong_smMost of Master Fu’s forms have the Yin Fu linear patterns, while the more advanced ones are the more flowing and circular Dragon Style of Cheng Tinghua. To top it all off, Fu Zhensong added his tornado palm techniques to all palm and weapons forms. Of all the Bagua styles today, only descendants of Fu Zhensong’s style use his trademark Tornado Palm heel spinning technique.

Fu Zhensong’ s style was just recently recognized by the Chinese wushu association as the sixth official legitimate style of Bagua.

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